>Hidden Chai

>For weeks I’ve been longing for a steaming cup of Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai tea.

I can’t buy it in any local stores, but I ordered some online many months ago. That supply went quickly and all winter I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to start my day with that aromatic tea. A significant portion of its pleasure is simply inhaling its warm fragrance.

The last few days I’ve been feeling down; perhaps seasonal, perhaps situational, perhaps a little of both. In any case, I decided this morning that I’ve had enough feeling sorry for myself and I needed to take some positive actions, including (but not limited to) ordering more Bigelow Vanilla Chai tea!

Before ordering the tea, however, I thought I ought to at least make sure I truly was out of it. Sure enough, tucked away behind a larger box in my pantry cabinet, was a smaller box: Bigelow Vanilla Chai tea!

Although I don’t often forget about food on my shelves, this action is very typical for me. I tend to think and feel as if I’m missing something, when the very thing I long for has been right under my nose the entire time!

I feel as if I’m missing God’s blessings when they are already in my life; all I need to do is look for them and recognize their reality.

And, yes, I’m typing this while holding a huge cup of steaming tea in front of my face, inhaling the fragrant aroma, and gratefully sipping Bigelow Vanilla Chai tea.


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