>Matthew: Looking Good

>My “book boy” (thanks, Grace) Matthew really took in some calories yesterday. I spent some hours writing at a coffee shop while Libby was at the vets for her grooming appointment.

By the afternoon, I was pleased with the way both Matthew and Libby looked.

I sent an update to the acquisitions director yesterday morning and she replied in the afternoon. She very much appreciated the update and encouraged me not only to keep providing updates, but also to keep working on Matthew.

She did tell me, however, that her company is coming out with a series for boys and another for girls in 2010. The soonest Matthew might be published would be 2011, which would mean making an acquisitions decision early in 2010. She promised that Matthew would remain on her “postive” stack.

I am very encouraged by her intention to keep him under consideration, her specific request for continued communication, and her personal encouragement to me.

As she pointed out in her email to me, this timing is very likely the best. It will give more time for revision than I had anticipated and relieves some of the pressure I’d been feeling. It’s great to know some specifics about the publisher’s plans.

Please join me in praying that Matthew will gain weight and coordination, that the publishing door will remain open into 2010, and that he will be invited to walk through it. I pray, too, that the writing will be excellent, that sales will justify the publisher’s investment, that hearts will be touched, and that every step of Matthew’s way will honor God.


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