>"Matthew" to school today

>Today I’m taking Matthew to school.

This morning I’ll be reading from Matthew Muddles Through to the combined fifthgrade classes at Pella Christian Grade School.

The half hour slot immediately before their end-of-the-year outing will be just enough time to read the first three chapters with plenty of expression.

Matthew Muddles Through is the first book in the series of four juvenille fiction novels that I am writing (and about which I am communicating with a major Christian publisher).

I’ll be giving each of the fifthgraders a bookmark that describes the series and directs them to this blog for updates and publishing news.

Here’s the text printed on the two sides of the bookmark:

Matthew is not only in the middle of his family; he’s in the middle of conflict at home, at school, and his church. In the four books of the series, Matthew Muddles Through, Matthew Makes Strides, Matthew Morphs Outdoors, and Matthew Moves Ahead, Matthew climbs the mountains of conflict in his life as he anticipates the ultimate camping experience in the Canadian Rockies. Through the conflict, Matthew develops new friendships and discovers new truths about others and himself. He also learns more about God’s creation, his sovereignty, and his love.

Fifth-grader Matthew Vos worries about losing his mom’s book, which has been sucked into the “Black Hole” bottom drawer of his principal’s desk. He worries that he might not be old enough to attend Camporee, which only happens every three years. Matt is overshadowed by his older brother, who gets good grades and all the girls. He’s annoyed by his younger brother, who hits in his sleep and wrecks havoc in the home. Matthew is intimidated by a science teacher who targets creationists and a PE teacher who runs a boot camp class. Matt’s Cadet club is crammed into the church basement and his catechism class meets in the parsonage, which happens to be his home. But Matt worries most about his mom’s mysterious illness.


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