>"Matthew" seeing light

>There are many things I could write about the HACWN Writers’ Mentoring Retreat that I attended from Thursday through Saturday in Excelsior Springs, MO. And there are many things I must write as a result of it. But the biggest news is that an acquisitions editor at a major Christian publishing house is interested in my juvenile fiction manuscript!

Fifth-grader Matthew worries about losing his mom’s book, which has been sucked in the “Black Hole” bottom drawer of his principal’s desk. He worries that he might not be old enough to attend Camporee, which only happens every three years. Matt is overshadowed by his older brother, who gets all the attention and all the girls. He’s annoyed by his younger brother, who hogs the bed covers and hits in his sleep. Matt’s intimidated by a science teacher who targets creationists and a PE teacher who runs a boot camp class. The boys in Matt’s Cadet Club are packed into the church basement and his catechism class meets in the parsonage, which happens to be Matt’s home. But Matt worries most about his mom’s mysterious illness.

Matthew’s story will be told in a series of four novels. Stay tuned for details!


2 thoughts on “>"Matthew" seeing light

  1. >Is there a “not” missing in the summary: “He worries that he might NOT be old enough…”?Sounds interesting, Glenda. Do you have all four novels written or mapped out or …?

  2. >Thanks, John! I caught that typo once, but inadvertently copied the text from an uncorrected version. I’ve corrected my post.I have all four novels mapped out; I have between about 10,000-25,000 words written for each novel with the first being the most complete.

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