>Bedtime 2

>It’s been too long since I posted to this blog and my last entry leaves the wrong impression about Libby and “bedtime.”

Since that first night Libby spent in her new wire kennel, when she whimpered a few times and barked once (which in all fairness was only natural after being “spoiled” by someone I know and love, but who shall remain nameless), Libby has been amazing.

Since then, all we have to do is say, “Bedtime, Libby,” and she dashes from wherever she happens to be in the house and goes directly into her kennel. That first Sunday, she saw us putting on our coats and walked into her kennel. When she gets tired at night, she goes into her kennel.

Her kennel is tucked in the opening under the kitchen desk and Dave putters around in the kitchen early every morning before he goes to work, but she stays there without complaint until sometime between 7:00-8:00. Then she’ll give a couple of short, polite barks to remind me that she’s still there and she’s really quite a small dog with a very small bladder and she’d like to get out now.

Her wonderful attitude about “bedtime” in her new kennel saves me time and makes my afternoons and evenings less stressful. Her “sleeping in” every morning gives me a few precious hours of uninterrupted work when my mind is most creative.

It amazes me that she loves the kennel as much as she does and adjusted to it so well, especially since she was introduced to it immediately on the heels of some serious spoiling.

One more small thing in life for which I am truly thankful.


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