>Book Review: "Dragons In Our Midst" series by Bryan Davis

>Living Ink Books, published by AMG Publishers
Raising Dragons, paperback; 371 pages; © 2004
The Candlestone, paperback; 388 pages; © 2004
Circles of Seven, paperback; 418 pages; © 2005
Tears of a Dragon, paperback; 363 pages; © 2005

Any Christian with an interest in fantasy can tell you that it’s difficult to find a fantasy novel that is interesting and well-written, but contains no offensive material.

What would happen if someone could take characteristics reflecting the best fantasy authors and weave them together in a contemporary fantasy that blends legends about King Arthur with Christian beliefs and values?

You would have the Dragons In Our Midst fantasy series by Bryan Davis.

Some plot devices remind me of J. K. Rowling, especially the way apparently trivial events or things early in the series later prove to be meaningful. The utilization of different dimensions reminds me of Gene Wolfe. The blending of Arthurian legend and Christianity reminds me of C.S. Lewis, who merged myth with faith. The historical scope reminds me of J.R.R. Tolkien. And the transparently-titled Circles of Seven reminds me of Dante.

Many writers, including most of the above, tell heroic adventures about seemingly ordinary young people who turn out to be not so ordinary. But Bryan Davis departs from the fantasy author crowd in his unashamedly and overt Christianity. The story portrays positive values such as integrity, truthfulness, fidelity, and men protecting their women.

Davis tells an intensely suspenseful tale, riddled with humor, that will keep the interest of adult as well as younger readers. Readers should be mature enough to tolerate a high level of suspense as well as intense battle sequences.

These novels are great alternatives to the many depraved fantasies available for young adults.


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