>Ice Pix


With two major ice storms since the first of December, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to marvel at the beauty of creation.
Dave and I took some pictures one evening last week in Pella’s Central Park.
And I took some the first morning the sun shone last week.

It was beautiful, but Dave has also had plenty of opportunity for driving on ice-glazed country roads. Those driving conditions combined with the high volume of pre-Christmas mail have caused him to put in extremely long and stressful days. He has been delivering the last part of his route in the dark, using a flashlight to check the mail. We are more than ready for today’s anticipated thaw. We woke up several times during the night to the noise of ice chunks falling from a tree and crashing onto our house, thundering down the roof, and scratching against walls or window screens before hitting the snow-covered ground. The disturbed rest seems a small price to pay for cleared roads.


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