>My devotions this morning from Ligonier Ministries “Tabletalk” remind me of that beautiful Hebrew word: chesed.

Chesed is the concise word communicating the copious concept of God’s covenant love and faithfulness. Today’s devotions used it to describe how God continued to be with Joseph in prison following the false accusations of Potiphar’s wife.

It’s almost impossible to wrap one’s thought around the concept. Our finite minds are too limited even to begin understanding the abundance of God’s covenant love and the steadfast character of His faithfulness. Our experience is too marred by sin to grasp the fullness of it.

How many times my husband and I have seen God’s chesed evidenced to us during this last year! I literally could spend all day recounting our struggles and how God has provided for us every step of the way, but I have other work God is calling me to do today. And some of you already know the story.

When I say “you”, I am referring to the faithful few who regularly read my blog. A few of you have let me know who you are. I appreciate all my regular readers, especially now that my moment of fame has come and gone. After an all-time high of 179 visitors in one day and 780 total visits to this site, my blog traffic is puttering along at pre-Synod levels.

I’ve never made an effort to market this site, preferring to view it as a method of communicating in a manner that is more personal than my work writing, but more accessible than my personal writing.

And I prefer to view this blog as a way to share glimpses of glory, such as the abundant beauty of God’s covenant love and faithfulness.


One thought on “>Chesed

  1. >Hi Glenda, I noticed you haven’t written anything on this blog for a while. You’re probably busy writing other things. Anyway, I quit blogging on Sept. 8 and cleaned up my blog the other day. A translation job is waiting so there’s no fear of boredom (as if I ever had a reason for that). I’ll keep on checking your blog.God’s blessings for you and yours as you prepare for next month.

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