>Historic Moment


Although I’ve written articles for Christian Renewal for six and a half years and gave up a full time position to devote more time to writing five and a half years ago, I had never met Christian Renewal’s editor, John Van Dyk.

On the first day of Synod last week, we finally met.

I had hung around the registration area for some time, watching for him, and kept my eyes peeled while I waited out a rainstorm in the snack bar. But by the time dinner was served, I still hadn’t seen him.

I sat by Bill De Jong (Kansas City) and Herman Van Stedum (RCUS fraternal delegate) and enjoyed a delicious meal. Rev. De Jong finished his meal, stood up, and said he was going to get a cup of coffee.

A man came up to the table, pushed Rev. De Jong’s tray aside, saying, “Is anyone sitting here?” and began to sit down.

I was flustered and was saying, “Well, actually…”

About that time, I realized who he was and we both said at about the same time, “John Van Dyk.”

I couldn’t believe that, after all those hours of my being on high alert watching for him, he had caught me off guard. It was hilarious.

I quickly handed my camera to Rev. Van Stedum and asked him to take a picture of the historic moment.

And here it is:

(Photo and information credit: Glenda Mathes and Christian Renewal)


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