>Coincidence Redux

>Here’s something to consider: My last entry, about waiting on the Lord, was posted on the morning of June 5. That day’s mail, which arrived in the early afternoon, contained the answer to our prayers–an answer that far surpassed the most positive of our imagined outcomes. Coincidence?

I recently spoke with Norlan De Groot, who is raising his own support for an upcoming position with Third Millennium Ministries. I sympathized with this less than enjoyable aspect of his exciting mission opportunity.

He related how Rev. G. I. Williamson had told him, “In all my 80 years, I’ve never seen God fail to provide. But He never provides early and He never provides more.”

Wise words. God truly does always provide. And He always provides just what is needed in exactly His perfect timing.

Was it coincidence that we received a wonderful answer to prayer on the same day I acknowledged the need to wait on the Lord with an active hope? I think not.

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