>Pachebel’s Canon

>My favorite piece of classical music is Canon in D by Pachelbel. I have several different recordings of it, including one of it being played by the Canadian Brass, but my favorite arrangements are those for violin.

My talented nephew, Jonathan, played it for me during my last visit. It literally brought tears to my eyes. He is not particularly fond of playing it, preferring “The Orange Blossom Special,” which he also performed at the time.

I recorded “The Orange Blossom Special” as a digital movie, but I was so overcome with emotion during Pachelbel’s Canon that I didn’t want to take a moment away from the experience to mess with the camera. Now I wish I had so that I could still enjoy it.

While I’m writing, I usually don’t listen to music. It’s easier for me to concentrate on my work without any distractions. But sometimes, when I’m doing some monotonous project, I’ll put on one of my recordings of Pachelbel’s Canon in D and allow myself to become involved with the slow, deliberate pace that increases and brings me to the heights of emotion.


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