>Our Monica Prayer

>The famous theologian, Augustine, had a godly mother named Monica, who prayed for his salvation for many years.

For eight years, we’ve prayed our own version of a Monica prayer while our oldest son neglected worship.

Last fall he began taking his wife and two sons to visit churches in their area, and we rejoiced when they regularly began attending a Bible-believing Reformed fellowship.

Last Sunday, we were blessed to witness them become members of the congregation and watch our two little grandsons be baptized.

Our four-year-old grandson listened intently to everything the pastor said during the baptism. I cried through both baptisms. My husband broke down during the last stanza of “Amazing Grace.”

When we’ve been there a thousand years,
bright shining as the sun,
we’ve no less days to sing His praise,
than when we’ve first begun.

My son told me yesterday that hymn had been his choice and he was crying during the last stanza, too.

My husband and I have been going through the most difficult trial of our lives, and–although we can see God’s hand of provision every step of the way and we’ve never been closer–I had been struggling not to think what a shame it was that this struggle was stealing our long-awaited joy. I confessed to my son that I was a little sad that this joyful event came so soon after a tragic one.

My son (who had set the date for the membership and baptism long before this struggle began) told me, “But Mom, I was thinking that this was just when you really needed that joy.”

Wise words that evidence the conviction behind the confession.
Sola Deo Gloria!


3 thoughts on “>Our Monica Prayer

  1. >Our God is good! He doesn’t always answer when or how we would prefer — and in this, too, His wisdom and grace are evident. May He continue to grant you a consciousness of His Fatherly care, my friend.

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