Visit those in prison

Matthew records some of Christ’s most terrifying and sobering words about Judgment Day. In Matthew 7: 21-23, Jesus warns that righteous actions are meaningless without genuine faith. And in Matthew 25:31-46, he describes how he will separate the sheep from the goats, the latter of which will include those who didn’t feed the hungry, assuage … Continue reading Visit those in prison


God’s work in Illiana

Late Saturday night I returned from a five-day speaking trip in Illinois and Indiana. Since then I've been decompressing and processing. My mind churns with memories and images that are difficult to distill. One thing I know: God's Spirit amazed me over and over! He equipped introverted-homebody me, who hadn't been able to prepare as … Continue reading God’s work in Illiana

Prison seminary holds second commencement

Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary held its second commencement ceremony on June 15, 2013. Nine men, who had completed thirty credit hours in their first year of seminary instruction, received a Certificate in Christian Studies. Graduates were in a celebratory mood. “It was so good to see my students in high spirits,” says Professor Nathan … Continue reading Prison seminary holds second commencement