>Oriole Go-Round

>For several days, I’ve been trying to shoot a video of an oriole spinning on our hummingbird feeder. He has broken off one of the bee guards and likes to perch and sip nectar. We’ve put out oranges for the orioles, which they eat, but this particular bird likes the hummingbird’s sugar water. The hummingbird feeder hangs from fishing line to keep ants out of it. So when the oriole perches on the feeder, his weight spins it around. He spins and sips.

Every time I see the oriole on the hummingbird feeder and move to pick up the camera, he flies away. This is the sort of video I usually get:


Last evening, while Dave and I were sitting at the table eating dinner, Dave picked up the camera and captured this:


And I think that’s a pretty good picture of our Oriole-Go-Round!


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